Mission Opportunities

We will be collecting can goods/non-perishable items for Asbury’s Food Pantry. There will be drop off boxes at the door for items donated. You can bring the items during your drop-off time, volunteer time, and/or when you come to shop. Please check the expiration date before donating the items. Thank you for your support!



Giggles & Grace Mission Applications are now available online at https://goo.gl/ccuG45. If you do not have an email, internet access, or have a difficult time reading the English language, we are working to designate a date to help you apply at Asbury United Methodist Church in the computer lab. We will begin taking applications on August 11, 2018.  Applications are due by September 1, 2018.

Please do not call the church office. Instead email Mission Chairs, Kristin Bundren & Michelle Bennett at missions@asburygigglesandgrace.com with any questions.


Mission Application Form

Click here to complete an online Mission Application Form